Bus Registration

Please determine which of the options below best describes your household and complete the appropriate form.

In District

In-district households are households that reside within the Minnetonka School district boundaries.

Under Two Miles (Currently Closed)

Over Two Miles (Currently Closed)


Out-of-District households are households that reside outside of the Minnetonka School District Boundaries and are considered Open Enrolled.

  • Please complete the Annual Request for Transportation to place your request to use an existing bus stop within the School District boundaries (based on space availability).
  • Please note that if the resident bus stop is less than two miles from Minnetonka High School, open-enrolled families will be assessed the bus transportation fee.

If you have questions, please contact the Transportation Department at 952-401-5023.

Out-of-District Transportation Request (Currently Closed)


If you have questions about MHS transportation, please contact Transportation at 952-401-5023.

Transportation Information

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Transportation Department
Phone: 952-401-5023
Fax 952-401-5092