Are you interested in positively impacting mental and chemical wellness among your peers and pupils? Interested in a career in behavioral health, law enforcement, criminal justice, social issues... consider joining Tonka CARES. There are endless opportunities for Tonka CARES to support you and your vision for positive change within the Minnetonka community. Contact Tonka CARES Director Kim Oelhafen (additionally if you are a current MHS student you may also contact: MHS Social Worker Melissa Feller, or MHS Chemical Health Counselor Judy Hanson for more information).

Kim Oelhafen: kimberly.oelhafen@minnetonkaschools.org

Melissa Feller: Melissa.feller@minnetonkaschools.org

Judy Hanson: judy.hanson@minnetonkaschools.org

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Judy Hanson
Project Coordinator
952-401-5740 (desk)