Current Endowment Project: The Hub

In spring 2017, foundation trustees and the school board approved the our involvement in expanding and enhancing tonka curricular programs and supporting Makerspace learning.

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Goals for The Hub:

  • Minnetonka students will become creators and inventors.
  • The goal is not only to give kids tools to build the things they can imagine, but to imagine the world they can build.
  • These skill sets make our students into agile and collaborative problem-solvers, highly employable and successful in the dynamic workplaces of the 21st century.

Specifically, this foundation board designated Endowment Fund project provides materials, training and events to support hands-on learning experiences around technology, computer science, design, making and engineering in preK-8 Minnetonka schools. Foundation involvement will provide open-ended student-driven learning experiences that encourage creativity, collaboration and teamwork to achieve a goal.





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The Foundation's Endowment Fund

A stable, permanent source of income, the Foundation's $1.2 million Endowment Fund allows us to support long-term, broad impact, foundation board designated programming. It is managed by a professional investment firm in accordance with strict investment principles approved by the Foundation board. An investment committee of highly qualified volunteers meets regularly to monitor the investment portfolio.

Previous Foundation Endowment Projects:

Writing Center: In 2007, The Foundation launched the first project funded by the Endowment, the Writing Center at Minnetonka High School. The Writing Center supports all MHS students and staff through 1:1 writing conferences, workshops, and outreach. One full-time writing teacher and 22 well-trained student writing coaches serve writers in grades 9-12 and work on cross-age projects with middle and elementary students.

Global Learning: Partnering with the district, Foundation resources increased the scale and impact of global learning for Minnetonka students through curriculum design and teacher training from 2013-2016. The Foundation also celebrated the inclusion of Global Perspectives as one of eight core elements for deeper and more meaningful student experiences in the Minnetonka Teaching and Learning framework, building a lasting legacy of Global Learning in all Minnetonka curriculum.

Teaching and Learning Framework