Current Instruction Model

The Governor is allowing in-person learning with a modified requirement for social distancing and without the limitations of using 50% or less of classroom capacities for elementary-age students.

Students will be provided e-learning-only opportunities as long as they or their parents choose the option this year.

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Frequently Asked Questions for MHS Families

Minnetonka High School is here to help if you are having trouble with e-learning. Please review the frequently asked questions below, which should answer most of your questions.


Note: There is no school supply list for high school. Students may decide what tools they need for learning and organization. Most schoolwork will be stored digitally on their iPad. Students may wish to carry a stylus for note-taking. Personal laptops are welcome, but not required. All students are provided an iPad.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response Plan

For up to the minute updates on Minnetonka Public Schools' response to coronavirus (COVID-19), e-Learning and district-wide resources, please visit our dedicated webpage.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response Plan


If you have questions or comments about anything back to school-related, please submit them here.

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